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My First Half-Century

This morning I did a project I saw recommended online:  “Write a timeline of your life before you’re too old to remember it.”I must admit, I’ve already forgotten more than I remember!  I do recall I’ve had a very full … Continue reading

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Ten Facts About Me

Today I accepted a Facebook Challenge.  Day 1, 10 facts.  I’ll post them here, with a little extra: 1. I lived in Cali about 15 years; I’ve lived in Oregon for about 38. Due to a drunk step-father, I attended … Continue reading

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Spreading the Schmaltz

Today I watched a Hallmark movie.  Yeah, I view these occasionally because they’re light and I like a happy ending. But, yeah, they can be schmaltzy.  (Schmaltz: American slang meaning maudlin sentimentality. The word actually refers to rendered poultry or … Continue reading

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The Dust Devil

Nearly every day at some point, I find myself befuddled, staring blankly at my task queue.  “What on earth am I supposed to do next?” But it’s pointless to waste even seconds in these windows of wonder.  After all, I’m … Continue reading

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Let’s Play “Hide the Dentures”!

Right after dealing with my mother-in-law, it has become my habit to give a full report to my daughter.  (She loves to stop school, but who really likes their reading interrupted?)  Anyway, when I have emerged from the mental ward, … Continue reading

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State of My Household Address

Mr. and Mrs. Reader: Congratulations! You clicked the right button!  Sure, we have our differences—but I’m glad you’re here to share my dream. The sudden downturn in the mental and physical health of the little lady has reminded us we’re … Continue reading

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Attention, Class!

Our square dance lessons are only a few weeks from completion.  We’ve been taught the 70 mainstream moves, so the remaining lessons will be the 3 R’s: Review, Reiteration, and Repetition.  My experiences with homeschool, women’s classes, office supervision, college … Continue reading

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