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Gymnastics started with the Greeks, displaying skills at mounting and dismounting horses. The word is also from Greek, meaning “to train naked.”  I wonder if they ever combined the two?  Sure, they did.  Anyway, having taken a full semester of … Continue reading

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The 50-Yard Line

I may have mentioned my “minor-league” exposure to American football:  high school home games… step-dad watched so much that—by osmosis—I could name every team… Grandma loved it… Suffice it to say, I know as much football as I do Spanish: … Continue reading

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It’s My Blog and I’ll Cry if I Want To

  In three years of blogging, you can imagine I’ve gotten feedback.  Most of it’s positive, but there have been a few naysayers.  One guy even said…  Well, let’s leave that unsaid.  (Consider the source.) Others have voiced that they … Continue reading

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People Pictures

  = – = While some are watching TV, And others surf the net, Yours Truly trims and organizes Snapshots that we get. = – = It’s fun to pick the coolest, The prettiest, the wit, And arrange them in … Continue reading

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Velvet Voices

  BONUS POST:  For those who may be curious.  Remember, it’s not the rest of the story—just the voice. And another reminder: it’s my list: suggested additions are welcome, but I will not entertain deletions, hehe. Last Name First Name … Continue reading

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Deep Weeds

Hubby loves da fishin’.  I just might just give it a try, since square dancing didn’t pan out, hehe. There’s only one thing keeping me off the pond.  Well, two. One: the conspicuous absence of indoor plumbing; and Two: FEAR … Continue reading

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“Day is Done” – The short trumpet or bugle piece played at dusk in the military.  It’s also a funeral dirge. I just now learned why it’s called “Taps.”  It’s from the “Dutch term taptoe, meaning “close the beer taps … Continue reading

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