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Godly Sorrow

This week I self-published my book, and Saturday was our Book-signing Party!  I told a story that night which merits a spot on my blog.  Here goes: = – = I hadn’t cried like that since I was a kid. … Continue reading

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The Secret Things

“I know it’s not for me to understand, but I can’t help but want to know.”  This is, hands down, the best sentence I’ve read in awhile!  Indeed, my friend’s casual email blurb captures the Christian life: the secret things … Continue reading

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Good “Shares”

My daughter shared with me an article, “7 Arrows for Bible Reading” by Matt Rogers.  He encouraged 2- to 3-person “clusters” to ask these questions: What does the passage say?  What does this passage mean to its original audience?  What … Continue reading

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