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Forgiven and Forgiving

Matthew 6:15:  But if you do not forgive others, then your Father will not forgive your transgressions. Interesting verse.  Let’s cut to the chase.  To illustrate how vast our offenses are to God, compared with how petty we should view … Continue reading

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Exit Strategy

Yesterday I got the privilege of escorting a friend.  In spite of accelerating health problems, she maintains the attitude of gratitude.  Of course, I let her know what an encouragement she is.  She informed me it doesn’t come naturally; she … Continue reading

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Can you remember times when your doing became your undoing?  I can. (Oh, wait: not yours—mine, Ha.) I’m glad I remember my blunders; it keeps me humble.  Whenever I’m pushing my latest Failsafe Five-year Formula, that small voice reminds me: … Continue reading

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Religiosity Atrocity

I’m Christian in more than just name. I believe, and a follower I became. But I’ve seen a lot— A few battles I’ve fought: It would seem Christians are not all the same. = – = Mankind is the pinnacle … Continue reading

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Head Out of the Sand Just for a Sec.

An article last summer, “Communism Doesn’t Belong in the Classroom” [], drew our attention to school supply lists parents have to fill; these include (among much more) coffee filters, gallon ziplocks, baby wipes, and four boxes of crayons. I’ll bypass … Continue reading

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Deep Weeds

Hubby loves da fishin’.  I just might just give it a try, since square dancing didn’t pan out, hehe. There’s only one thing keeping me off the pond.  Well, two. One: the conspicuous absence of indoor plumbing; and Two: FEAR … Continue reading

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Source of Evil

——–  W H A T   D O E S   S A T A N   D O ? ——– A Acts out / Abandons / Accuses / Argues / Appeals / Attacks / Angers / Abets / Assumes B Blinds / … Continue reading

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