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If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It.

Today I asked the roofer if he does gutters.  Nope.  He and his partners do one thing, and they do it well.  They roof.  They have a routine, and it works like clockwork—like a dance, actually.  I totally get that.  … Continue reading

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Sacred Cows

Hubby requires three squares a day.  For my part, popcorn would suffice.  That’s better than somebody on FB this week: “Fruit Loops for dinner? I’m thinking so.”  This whole “dinner every night” thing is overrated. I think it’s a sacred … Continue reading

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Epic Fail!

I can’t go a whole day without grousing about something.  Ninny! I’m short. I need stepstools and tongs in every room.  Nincompoop! I’m an interrupter.  People have to talk fast to keep me quiet.  Tard! I make high-pitched squeaks when … Continue reading

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Google Mania

We had a conversation the other night about the Internet.  We all agreed on one thing: it’s mammoth. Even the young people remembered a time when the only things people used the Web for were a little research and checking … Continue reading

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I Don’t Know Jack

I’ve long theorized that most movies name the main character …Jack!  A few examples:  Captain Jack Sparrow from “POTC”, Jack Dawson from “Titanic, Jack Ryan from “The Hunt for Red October”, etc., Jack Skellington from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, Jack … Continue reading

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Two Weeks!!!!!

We have only two weeks left until the wedding!  Here’s what we have left to do! Logistics – There’s one more song to choose, but it will be on CD, so it’s all good.  We’ll finish moving the bride’s belongings … Continue reading

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Hobby Hunter

Every couple months I set up to paint my ceramics. Two days later I put it all away again, untouched.  Today I analyzed this, and I figured out the problem:  This hobby is anti-social. Dude. I can talk and paint … Continue reading

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