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Foaming at the Mouth

ANSWER: Foaming at the Mouth. QUESTION:  What do you get when you cross quiet morning hours, with a dementia patient who’s forgotten how to swallow her own spit? Not kidding.  Upon entering her room this morning, that is what I … Continue reading

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If They Only Knew

If they only knew How tired you are— How fearful; how puzzled; how bored— They’d listen to you Whenever you speak; And they’d offer up prayer to the Lord. = – = – = If people could see You furrow … Continue reading

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Key Sentences from Mark’s Gospel

KEY SENTENCES FROM MARK’S GOSPEL Mark 1 1 The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. 2 As it is written in the Prophets: 9 …Jesus… was baptized by John in the Jordan. 10 …He saw … Continue reading

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This Blog is Poo

Nine days ago, we think Effie may have suffered a mild stroke.  She’s suddenly silent (unless pressed), largely immobile (requires turning), and forgets how to chew and swallow (food is now from a blender). And oh, for extra fun, she … Continue reading

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Love Handles

Today we went to breakfast with friends.  I’d never been to this restaurant, and like to be reachable by my hubby on such occasions, so I took along my love handles. According to my doctor (and she should know), before … Continue reading

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Cheap Thrills

This time of year, my momma comes in from her garden.  She brings tomatoes, basil, and beans.  I love that! My antique oak secretary has a skeleton key.  Just like my great-grandma’s house had.  I love that! I will not … Continue reading

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Midlife Non-Crisis

Today my niece turned 41.  No, Not Me: my niece.  What does it all MEAN?!?!!  (Well, besides the fact that my sister had a baby when I was 12.) I refuse to think of myself as old.  Our daughter says … Continue reading

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