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How Not to Be a Bully

Take it from me… / … And you, too, will see— … We can know fully… / … How not to be a bully. … Watch out for being snappy… / … “Don’t worry, be happy!” … We don’t demand … Continue reading

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Mission Critical

My workplace has a great I.T. department.  Last week, one of their managers sought a meeting—to work with us even more efficiently. (I love that!) This was the first I’d heard of the phrase, “Mission Critical.”  As he spoke, I … Continue reading

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Eating with Sinners!

= – = – = Jesus preached repentance and love, far and near; And people of all sorts gathered to hear. But the religious figures—Man, what a pain: Their method of choice is to treat folks with disdain. “Just look … Continue reading

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Swimming with the Sharks

Sharks—they do one thing well: EAT.  Hmm: me too—moving on… A shark can be 39 feet long—the length of a small house.  Some might perceive this makes this formidable creature very important.  Even the big-mouthed bottom-dweller is pretty puffed up … Continue reading

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And… Out there. Again.

After a short hiatus, I’m back. And open to the public. Again. Asking forgiveness if you find the way I manage this blog to be irritating. Agreeing with you:  open… close… open… close… open… it is irritating. After thinking about … Continue reading

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