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Tabloid Journalism

Martians are coming! (It must be true: I saw it on a #hash tag on Twitter.) Here we are: the 21st Century; and somehow people are still buying tabloid sensationalism and gossip, most of which is probably plunked out in … Continue reading

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Kill the Killers

  Don’t let the title mislead you; I’m not dissin’ the band: Somebody told me That you had a boyfriend That looked like a girlfriend That I had in February of last year No, this post is about the 6-hour … Continue reading

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  Writing a blog takes some guts:  we ought to have a bead on things (in some realm or another).  Even a one-minute blog like mine should have a semblance of reason.  (Frankly, the best bloggers are like Mr. Ed, … Continue reading

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The Jetsons

  This week my husband went to see the doctor.  On TV.  I’m not kidding: his physical exam was done via television.  So yeah, he “saw” the doctor, who happened to be 2,000 miles away; and yesterday his test results arrived … Continue reading

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The Last Lecture

Sometime back, we first enjoyed an unusual lecture by an accomplished professor.  He knew he was dying—and so did the audience (hence the unusualness).  The Last Lecture had a huge impact.  I, personally, wouldn’t have known about it, except that … Continue reading

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Not Responding

My computer is showing signs.  The dinosaur icon lingers, the screen fades: “Not Responding.” I was thinking that would be a great placard to carry, for strategic junctures.  Like yesterday’s party when I said, “In those days I was really … Continue reading

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Exactly one year ago, I started writing this blog.  This daily minute has followed me through a few rites of passage, that’s for sure:  our daughter’s wedding, driver’s training of two teens, learning to square dance, finishing homeschool, and becoming … Continue reading

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